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The attorneys at Thrashers, Dinsmore & Dolan routinely represent both buyers and sellers of businesses and business divisions. We understand that every business transaction is unique, and bring to the table well honed legal skills, carefully crafted agreements, and often, creative thinking, to get the deal done. Whether you are involved in a merger, acquisition, or a sale or divestiture of your business, we focus on identifying the appropriate structure for the transaction, identifying potential issues and devising strategies to overcome them, and negotiating favorable agreements that balance the size and complexity of the transaction with the needs of our clients. We seek to identify risk, both known and unknown, and advise our clients on ways to structure transactions that balance the need to minimize that risk with the need to move business forward. We also assist clients with the dissolution, liquidation and winding down of an entity that has ceased operations. Our lawyers are always ready to provide timely assistance and advice in connection with all aspects of business transactions.