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Experience & Legal Services | Municipal & Public Entity Law

We have over fifty years of continuous representation of local governmental bodies throughout Ohio. Currently, we represent the Village of South Russell, Burton Village, Middlefield Village, and the Geauga County Park District. In addition, we have previously represented the Geauga County Board of Commissioners, Delaware County Board of Commissioners, local townships, municipalities or county officials on special matters that required both our experienced representation and our knowledge of local politics.


In our representative capacity, we advise mayors, council members, zoning boards, planning commissions, park commissioners, and the various executives, fiscal officers, administrators, and employees of such governmental agencies. As such, we understand and appreciate not only a myriad of local civil and criminal ordinances and regulations, but also the dynamics involved with many local officials, public meetings, political trends and issues, and complex labor and employment concerns unique to governmental bodies. Of course, this experience also enhances our attorneys' ability to represent clients before other governmental bodies for zoning issues, development approvals, and similar regulatory issues at the township, village, city and state levels.